Sunday, August 9, 2009

Workin' on the weekend

Well...kind of. More like Doug was working on the weekend. He finished painting the trim, etc. of Claire's room on Saturday. My parents gave us a ride to Home Depot Saturday evening so we would have a vehicle long enough to put the chair rail in so Doug could get that finished. I REALLY miss my vehicle!

Doug painted the chair rail in the garage first thing this morning! I have to say I LOVE the color Denae choose for the rail! It couldn't have been a closer match to the blue in the bedding. I am still dealing with the pink. I do not love it to be honest, but don't have the heart to make Doug repaint it right now so it will have to do!

Of course we still need to hang pictures, put the shelves together, and probably rearrange furniture, but it'll get done!

While Doug was working on the nursery, I was supervising Ethan's bedroom/game room clean up. He always throws a fit that could rival that of the most terrible two year old when he has to clean up! It is absolutely amazing! Today I had it and put half of his belongings in a trash bag and told him he wasn't going to have to worry about cleaning up anymore because he wasn't going to own anything to clean up (I shocked myself that I went there)! Doug finally took over because I was too angry and got him to clean up (after he spanked him). Ethan got even more angry when he thought he was done, and I went and got the trash bag and made him put all that stuff up too!

If he would have just picked it up without a fit he would've been done in 20 minutes. Instead, he made it almost a 4 hour process! I wish I was kidding! Lord, I hope he outgrows this!!!!

The boys "went to work" on the lot next door to ours again this evening. Today, they enjoyed playing in the massive dirt pile. I have never seen my boys as filthy as they were tonight. They were so gross that Shelly took them in her backyard, let them strip, and "bathe" in her little swimming pool. They had a blast, and I really wish I had a picture of it now. Too bad the only reason I don't is I was too lazy to walk my fat butt across the culdesac to my house to get my camera. Sad, isn't it....

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