Monday, August 24, 2009

Final Four photo

It was the evening of August 19th, and I am scheduled to arrive at the hospital the next morning to be induced. The boys are spending the night with Grandma and Grandpa, and I decided to get one last photo as a family of four. Of course, it wouldn't be easy.....

Davin almost never takes a photo without putting up a fight!

Most of the time it is because he wants to hold the camera.

I had no fears or worries about the events that would take place the next day at all. I was so nervous about having Davin because I was positive that I couldn't love another baby as much as I loved Ethan. After Davin was born I learned that your love just grows, and you do love your 2nd just as much as your first, and I will love Claire with all my heart as well.

I was also afraid that Ethan's entire world was going to be destroyed by the addition of a sibling, and it wasn't. He even loves his little brother!
I know that Ethan and Davin will be just fine. They will love Claire, and one day they will all be glad to have each other.

This was as good a photo as we were going to get.

On our final night as a family of four, we are elated knowing that we will be adding one more!

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