Thursday, August 27, 2009

School day # 3

Ethan likes school, but he is not very happy about having to leave Claire all day long. He came in my room at 4:30 this morning when I was up feeding Claire. I asked him what he was doing and his response was that he wanted to get up early so he could spend some time with Claire before school.

Davin went with Daddy to take Ethan to school and have breakfast with him again this morning.

When they got home Davin decided to pull a chair up to the counter and pump while I loaded the dishwasher.

Davin sat on the couch and held Claire for over an hour.

Claire enjoyed some floor time.

We went to dinner at Babe's a day early for my birthday since Ethan has soccer practice tomorrow.

The boys blew out my firetruck candles for me :)

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  1. Mmmmm...Love me some Babe's. Love the picture of Davin with the pump. Brody loves to "pump." Hope you had a happy birthday and fun tonight at your party!!!