Monday, August 24, 2009

Going home

We get to go home today. Dr. Rose came to check on Mommy one last time and send us on our way. He delivered both of your brothers as well.

Daddy didn't come to the hospital until I called and told him we have the official all clear. I had to go to some stupid "discharge class" this time. I guess the hospital just started it.

Daddy putting you in your carrier for the first time.

This is not the coming home outfit I had planned for you. It was supposed to be a really pretty pink one with a matching bow and socks. The outfit was a 0-3 and it so big on you that it looked ridiculous. Your socks wouldn't stay on your feet, and your head is so small that the band with your bow kept slipping down around your neck. We had to put you in a official NB outfit. It's cute, but not what I pictured for coming home. No matter, we're just glad to have you home!

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