Thursday, August 13, 2009

4 moms, 12 kids, and a water park

We decided to meet some friends at the water park today for a last major summer outing. We had 12 kids total between the 4 of us. Some we're friends that were brought along. They weren't all ours! The older kids took off and did their own thing while us Moms and the little guys hung out in the toddler area.

Davin trying to give himself an enema????

Fun in the splash pool!

Rachel and Ethan enjoyed lunch in the sun. All Davin ate was a bag of Doritos. There was just too much to do!
Funny faces.

Ethan preparing for the big race at 2:30. He talked about it all day!

On your mark.....get set.....

Swim really fast.....

Until you get too tired and the life guard helps you finish the race :)

His "Victory" Dance

Almost time to go home.

Dry off time with Davin the towel monster!

What a fun day!! It makes me sad summer vacation is coming to an end :(

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