Wednesday, August 26, 2009

first doctor's visit (8/25)

Both of the boys were up before 6:00 this morning, UGH! Since Davin was already awake, Doug let him eat breakfast at school with Ethan.

Davin thought that eating breakfast at school with his big brother was soooo cool! He felt like such a big boy with his own tray.

Claire had her first visit to the pediatrician this morning. Dr. Dhoot said that she looks great!

I went to change her diaper this afternoon and discovered that her umbilical cord already fell out. That happened sooner than I remembered it happening with the boys. For some reason I was slightly saddened by this.

We spent some time stretching, kicking, and playing on our blanket on the floor this evening.

She kept trying to suck her thumb.

We had to teach her brother to back up and give her a little space :)

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