Sunday, August 2, 2009


Every day is a new day, and I tried not to let my idiotic accident yesterday keep my spirits down today. I called and filed the claim first thing this morning, and boy did I feel dumb when I had to explain my accident to the insurance company. Luckily, he actually made me feel better by giving me a different perspective. I realized that I am not the first person who has had the exact same momentary brain fart accident, and mine didn't end all the badly after all. He informed me that often when doors get bent like mine did that the glass in the window often shatters and causes serious injury, which thank God did not happen. He has also encountered similar accidents where the person has fallen down trying to stop the vehicle and the vehicle has rolled over them, which also didn't happen to me. Yes, it stinks that I am out $500 bucks, I certainly could come up with better things to do with that money, and I have to drive a rental for a few days, but I am very lucky that I wasn't hurt, that the baby wasn't hurt, and my boys weren't hurt. These things are far more important, and I am thankful that God kept us all safe. I also learned that when I get stressed and flustered that I need to step back and breathe for a moment.

My mom took us over to Ginnie's today, and this time we were successful at making the trip. Ginnie has a swing, a bouncy seat, and an exersaucer she is so generously letting us borrow! We had fun visiting with them even though Davin and Cameron slept the whole time!

My dad came over this afternoon to swim with the boys for a while, then we grilled burgers for dinner when Grandma and Uncle James joined us. The boys went down with no fight at all tonight since they didn't go to sleep until 1:30 last night for my parents (sorry Mom and Dad). Overall, not a bad day!

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  1. Holy Cow girl, you did do a number on your car and wall. Glad you guys are all okay!