Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Play dates, coming clean, and a birthday party

The final GRE playgroup of the summer was at our house today. It is hard to believe that the end of summer is practically here. It seems like just yesterday we were picking out host dates. Of course being the chef I am not, I was lazy and just made hot dogs and chips. I also bought a fruit tray and put out store bought cookies. The other moms in playgroup all made nice sandwhichs, salads, homemade desserts, etc. I am the underachiever once again, but I think that the babies all had fun, and it was nice to be able to keep in touch over the summer.

Ethan was very excited that he got to invite his own GRE friend, Rachel, to playgroup today for a play "date" ;)I promised him he and Rachel could do "big kid" stuff after the little guys all had to leave for their naps. Ethan and Rachel spent all afternoon in the pool. When they came inside they decided to play "Mommy and Daddy". It was good for Ethan to get to do something special, and I enjoyed having adult conversation with Sarah while Davin napped.

Alright, so I finally "came clean" today with my friends from school about the fact that Doug and I didn't officially get married until after Ethan was born. I never lied about it so to speak. I just never explained events in the order they actually occurred because I was embarrassed or thought people would think badly of me or something, but as of today I decided that this was my life the way it happened, and there was no sense in being ashamed or hiding it.

We were already living together and engaged before I got pregnant. Doug and I didn't get married until after Ethan was born because I was very sick the first 18 weeks or so, and when I wasn't sick anymore I was showing and didn't want to be the "pregnant bride." We got married at the JP on October 12th of 2002 when Ethan was 12 days old. We did this primarily so Doug could get me on his health insurance. The above is a picture of us at my mom's house afterward cutting our "wedding cake."
We had the wedding we were supposed to have the day before our first anniversary, October 11, 2003, when we renewed our vows in the presence of all of our family and friends, and I finally got to wear my wedding dress! It was a beautiful day, and Doug looked very handsome in his tux if I do say so myself. Now you all know and that is that!

On a much lighter note, we ended our day today at my Granny's 72nd b-day party. She was her usual pain in the butt self, and managed to piss off her entire family per usual with her negative attitude and hateful comments. At least she let Ethan and Davin blow out the candles.

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