Monday, August 17, 2009

End of Summer

We stayed busy the last few days of summer. Friday we completed last minute errands such as haircuts for both boys, getting my watch battery changed, etc. Davin is perfect when he gets his hair cut for a 2 year old. The boys enjoyed being at the mall.

I also decided to treat the boys to one of their favorite places for lunch, McDonald's. It not necessarily my favorite place to be, but they loved it!

On Saturday, Doug painted the top half of the nursery a very light shade of pink as advised by Cindy and DeNae. It was great advice because the room looks much better, and the pink doesn't seem so over powering now. I just need to get the pictures on the wall and the nursery will be all done.

The old red neck drive gang also had a red neck style gathering on Saturday night. I can't believe I didn't get out my camera!!!!!!

We decided to make one last summer visit to the water park on Sunday afternoon. Our last trip was extra fun because Daddy joined us!

Look at Daddy's tan line! Now you know why he wore his shirt!

We all survived mommy's first day back at work today even though getting up this morning was not pleasant for anyone. The boys had a great time with their Grandma as usual.

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