Saturday, August 1, 2009

How in the world did I do that?

I have to be completely honest with myself. Sometimes my boys drive me out of my tree. Ethan is always bored, especially since we have moved to the new house, and Davin is so clingy right now that he insist on being attached to my side almost constantly. He even insist on sitting on my lap when I am on the toilet, no matter what I am doing. Of course I must take ownership for some of these issues, but that will be another story for another day....

So you may be wondering what any of this has to do with today's title. I believe that my completely avoidable and stupid accident may be due to the fact that I was so flustered that I completely lost my train of rational thought. My workout was not enjoyable b/c I had to "correct" the boys every few seconds the whole way through it, and when Davin finally did leave me alone, he decided to go help his Daddy "paint" his little sister's room ;) which resulted in Davin needing a bath. I was also kind of disappointed that the room ended up being a much brighter pink than I originally envisioned, but I will live with it. So after finally managing to get the boys and myself out the door and in the car they started the "we're thirsty" complaint per usual. I guess I was already backing out. I know I was not happy about having to get out and get juice bags, but I can't believe I actually left the car in reverse. The drivers door got caught on the wall and the car kept on rollin'. I managed to get my hand on the brake to stop the car for getting all the way out of the garage with my boys strapped in it! By the time I stopped it the door was bent so badly that I couldn't even close it and the sheet rock was torn out half way down the wall. I just stood there in shock and cried.

I am supposed to be at aGinnie's house enjoying steak and going through baby things that she is so kindly going to let me borrow, but as fate or stupidity would have it here I sit typing this unforseeable entry instead.

P.S. Davin has been clinging to my arm the entire time I have been typing this........

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  1. Oh no! That sounds awful and very dangerous for you and your pregnant belly. Good thing it was only the car and some house that was hurt!

    Love that you started a blog. I can help you anytime!