Monday, August 3, 2009

A few pics from last week.......

Ethan informed me this morning that I am supposed to have his pictures on the blog. Both my boys ask to see Michelle's blog because they love to see the pics of Brody and baby Kate, especially Davin. Here are a few pics of last week to make the boys happy. Here are the boys with all the fellow "babies" at play group last Wed. I have really enjoyed play group this summer even though Davin is always the only brat there. He seems to think everything is his and is the only child who tries to take stuff away from the other children. How embarrassing for me! Of course he gets in trouble and cries so everyone else has to listen to it. He really is a loving, sweet boy. He is just having to learn appropriate behaviors in group settings.

Everyone at playgroup always gets a really cute family pic. This pic is not really cute, but it is the only one I got. Funny how you don't realize how unpleasantly plump you have become during pregnancy until you see yourself in a photo. Yuck!

On Friday, the boys went swimming in the backyard with Michael and Keaton. We just have an above ground pool, but they have a really good time in it.

Friday evening, Davin experienced his first major ride on vehicle accident when we were playing outside and road rashed his poor little face. It was scary, but he has recovered relatively quickly. It actually looked worse the next day :(

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