Sunday, August 29, 2010

What's different about 31?

You can't say "I just turned 30" anymore. I had a great birthday weekend with my friends and family. I chose one of my favorite restaurants for my birthday dinner, Babes Chicken House. I always order the chicken fried steak. I am glad that some of my friends were able to join us!

The kiddos enjoyed the Hokey Pokey

Tim was sweet to help Davin.

Claire, not so much but we tried.

I will forgive my friends for making me wear that stupid chicken hat in which they made me flap my arms like a chicken someday.
Ben in a chicken fight! Ha Ha!!

Claire and Rachel are buddies.

The kiddos still wanted birthday cake, but all of us old folk were too full.

Saturday morning was the Sharks season opener. Ethan is in U8, and this is their first season to play 5 with a goalie. He had a blast at goalie, and he did well at it.

Claire enjoyed playing with Kate.
Anna and Davin always keep each other entertained at practice and games. Their favorite game recently has been to pretend like they are babies with Claire's stroller.

After Ethan's game, we headed to Rosa's for lunch with the family then back to my mom's for more birthday fun. August 31st is my brother's 22nd birthday. We had a dual celebration since I will be at back to school night on James' actual birthday.

James looks so thrilled. He has that nasty cold as well.

Grandma bought Claire her own riding toy since she and Davin had been fighting over the bus. Riding their cars together is now one of their favorite past times.
It is so cute the way Davin pushes his sister along.

She gets upset if she thinks you are going to take her car.

It was a great weekend! I am very blessed.

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