Monday, August 9, 2010

11 months old

My sweet little Claire Boo was 11 months old on July 20th. I can not believe that her first year has gone by so quickly. Claire is up to lots of stuff these days. She and Davin are already fighting over toys. She loves to push cars around on the floor with her brothers. It is so funny. She even makes the engine noise with her mouth!

You weigh 19lbs and wear size 3 diapers. You can still wear a size 9 months, but I put you in lots of 12 month stuff because I bought most of your summer clothes last year when they were on clearance.

You still prefer to feed yourself, and never ate baby food. Your favorite foods are avocado, bananas, and pretty much any type of pasta. You have spaghetti all over your face in all of these pictures.
Bed time is a breeze with you now, and you go right to sleep in your bed in your room. I didn't realize what a fog I was walking around in for almost an entire year until you started sleeping through the night. Nap time is still a challenge though. You sleep great in your car seat in the car, but at home forget it. Someone has to sit in the recliner and hold you for you to really get a good solid nap in.
You have 6 teeth and can say several phrases such as "what's that," "who's that," and the typical hi, bye-bye, mama, dada, baba, ouch, and uh-oh. You find it hilarious to smack someone on purpose and make them say ouch! You "talk" all the time, and you even get your finger going. You love your brothers and you love to swim! You can stand up by yourself, but you aren't taking steps alone yet. You already have to sweetest personality, and give us high fives and kisses if we ask for them. We all love you so much!! I know you'll be walking any day now...sniff...sniff

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