Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving week

Thanksgiving break has almost already come and gone, and it seems to have gone by with the blink of an eye. It was a busy and fun filled week.

We went for Claire's 15 month well check on Tuesday, and the curse of the well check struck again so we were not able to get her shots due to a pesky cold, but that seems to be the norm with her. Here are the 15 month stats....

Weight: 20.4lbs (25%); Length: 30inches (45%)
at 15 months Ethan weighed 25.6lbs (60%); length 30.5 inches (48%)
at 15 months Davin weighed 22.2lbs (20%); length 32.25 inches (75%)

Claire has built a nice little vocabulary. She enjoys saying no, mine, stop that, don't, and uh oh in addition to mama, dada, baba, hi, bye, etc. She also calls the dog to the table when she decides she wants to throw him her food. "Diesel," she shouts! It is as clear as crystal. She has also become quite the skilled climber these days, and we have even found her on top of the kitchen table! She has already figured out that she can scoot the chairs around the kitchen to climb up on top of the kitchen counter. We are in big trouble with this little girl!

Claire was able to put some of her running and climbing skills to use after her check up when we went to meet some friends for a picnic lunch in the park. Ethan was an excellent helper with Claire who thought she could go and do anything her brothers could.
Davin played with Jacob from his blast ball team.

After we played at the park we went home and got ready for Doug's parents to get here from El Paso. We had a big Thanksgiving at our house with a lot of family this year. It was a lot of fun having everyone together.
Doug's turkey always turns out just perfect.
Claire kept playing with this scarecrow like she thought it was another little kid. They were about the same size. It was too funny.
My mom and dad at Thanksgiving. I didn't get any pictures of my sister and brother. I guess my brother really didn't hang around long enough for me to get his picture. I'm not sure why I didn't get any of my sister.
The post turkey nap.
Papa Fred and Granny at Thanksgiving. I think it is really special that my kids are able to know their great-grandparents.

We didn't do any shopping this weekend, but we did do a lot of decorating for Christmas. By Saturday evening we were all tired of leftovers, and decided to go and enjoy dinner at Babes.

Davin and Grandma Tonya.

me and my handsome boys

Papa Don and Claire Boo

We finally finished the Christmas tree today, but we are having a hard time keeping it finished with Miss Claire. I trained Davin to leave it all alone when he was little so I will get Claire there eventually as well. The bottom 3 feet of the tree have non-breakable ornaments, and it is a little bare compared to the top.

I think Papa Don and Grandma Tonya enjoyed their visit, and the decorating fun! I enjoyed some goal setting for the year to come with my mother-in-law ;)

I have mentioned before how blessed Doug and I are that both of our parents are still married (his for 42 years and mine for 32 years). We are thankful for good parents, and for loving, caring, grandparents for our children, and for the gift of the example of long lasting marriages that our parents have set for us and our children.

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