Saturday, November 13, 2010

Camping in the great outdoors

We had a 3 day weekend for Columbus day weekend this year, and we went camping with my parents in their camper. Our close family friends, the Sterns, joined us with the camper. We had side by side spots, and it was really fun!! We ended up in Cedar Hill Park because our originally planned location was booked solid as was almost every other camp site outside of the city limits. We had fun with good company, but I can't say that I will be upset if I don't get to go back to Cedar Hill. We enjoyed a camp fire both evenings, and made smores with the kids.
We did go on a couple of really fun scenic hikes at the park. The kids really enjoyed be out in "nature." There were spiders all over the place!

We made it to the scenic overlook.

It proved to be too much for Claire.

Speaking of Claire... she barfed all over herself and all over the camper at 3:00am our last night there. It was really gross, and it smelled horrific, so we had to pack up and go home earlier than we had planned to the next morning. Turns out that Claire's vomiting spell was a virus that she passed on to Davin. Davin's virus made itself known when he vomited all over the dinner table at Babe's when we were out to dinner celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary on October 12th. Doug spent Oct. 13th in close company with the toilet as well. Ethan and I somehow managed to escape. I really don't know how I managed to dodge that bullet since I even got puked all over by a kindergarten student at school! Our sweet school secretary even had to go to her house to bring me a new shirt. Ah, the memories!

Below are a few pictures of Claire and Davin on the swings at the park. I figure it fits with the whole great outdoors theme!

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