Saturday, November 20, 2010

Turkey Trot 2010

Our school had it's annual Turkey Trot yesterday, and other than being a little chilly in the early morning, the weather was perfect. Ethan and his buddy are at the starting line ready to trot!

My parents have come to Turkey Trot every year since Ethan started kindergarten. Last year's trot was moved inside due to rain, so it wasn't as much fun as the outdoor trot. Davin ran(literally the whole mile) with his big brother and his friends this year and had an absolute blast!

I walked the mile with my parents while Claire rode along bundled up in her stroller. We found Davin sitting patiently with Ethan and all the other students waiting to go in for a snack when we completed our trot.

Poor Claire has a cold, again. Of course, it is almost a holiday so that is about par for the course unfortunately!

You can tell by her poor little face that she isn't feeling all that grand, but she still looked adorable in her little turkey dress!
Me, my monkies, and Grandma and Grandpa

Why is it so hard to get a pic with everyone looking at the camera??

Davin had a blast with Mr. Turkey.

My big boys! I am so thankful that they were able to have a great time together. Davin said, "turkey trot is awesome!" I am looking forward to them enjoying many more in the future. As so as the trot was over we rushed out the door so we could get on the road for our camping trip.

p.s. I went back to last year's Turkey Trot post before I made this entry. It is amazing how much everyone can change in a year! Check it out for yourself ;)

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