Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, Lila!

It's Lila Rae's birthday today! Her proud big sister, Rachel, came to hang with us while we waited for the news of her arrival. The kids spent the majority of the morning playing hospital, and we also played a guessing game. Doug won both categories of weight and time!

We headed up to the hospital as soon as we received the word that she was officially here. She even opened her eyes for us.
The Yanez family!
Davin loves Rachel, and he acted like they had been apart forever when we went back up to the hospital this evening.
Sweet baby!
Most of our pics are a little blurry, but with Ethan and Davin as your photographers, what do you expect?
Look at all the hair!

Lila is 20 inches long, but for some reason they didn't write that down on her card.
Ethan holding Lila for the first time.
Davin pouting because Ethan is holding Lila and he isn't. Anyone surprised by this familiar face?

Davin gets to hold her for a few despite his pouting.
Mommy and baby.
Congratulations, Yanez family!!!!!!!

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