Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Stats

Well, I didn't get Claire's 6 month well check done until she was seven months old. Better late than never. I would have had it done on her half b-day, but the well visit was changed to a sick visit since she had that horrible RSV. I did Davin's 3 year visit at the same time so I didn't have to go to the doctor twice. Claire is perfectly healthy!

She completely weaned herself at 6 months 3 weeks after having Babe's mashed potatoes. I had one big cry, but I am coping with it better day by day. Dr. Dhoot said if she wants food then give her food as long as it isn't a choking hazard. She enjoyed the soft inside of some tator tots tonight. The problem is she already wants to feed herself, and isn't too fond of me feeding her baby food with a spoon.

She is now drinking an 8 oz bottle every 4 hours. She sleeps from 8pm-4am straight, but she walks up at 4am for that bottle like clock work. She drains the whole thing so I do not think that she is "snacking." The time is going by sooo fast. Here are her 6 month ( really 7month) stats

Weight:16lbs (25%) Length 26 inches (50%)
How did your brothers compare?
Ethan- Weight 17.14 lbs (60%) Length 27 inches (75%)
Davin- Weight 16.6lbs (25%) Length 28.5inches (96%)

Davin looked fabulous as well. He has already completed his 3 year old sheet for whatever that means. He is still all about anything to do with playing any type of sport. He now enjoys riding his bike and scooter, but always insist that he have on his helmet. He even likes playing cars with Ethan now. He loves to play games such as Elefun, It will be interesting to see how blastball goes! Here are my precious little boys 3 year stats.

Weight: 32.6lbs (50%) Length: 39.5 inches (85%)
How did Ethan compare?
Weight:34.6 (75%) Length 37.5inches (50%)

I am so thankful that I am the mother of these 3 beautiful children!

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