Tuesday, December 27, 2011


September is always a busy month! We are finally settling into a school year routine,sports are in full swing for everyone in our family (except for Claire, for now), and someone in our family has a birthday.

Ethan's 9th birthday party was his first big slumber party. Everyone had a great time, but I was very tired when it was finished!

One gift that Ethan asked for was for Mr. Luke the paramedic to come to his birthday party. Fortunately, Luke was able to grant Ethan's birthday wish, and even brought Ethan a Denton Fire Rescue cap. It is his pride a joy.
The Mad Scientist came over and provided our birthday party entertainment. The kids all enjoyed the experiments!

We had Ethan's family party on his actual birthday the day before his slumber party. He choose oreo cupcakes for that party!

MeeMaw and PeePaw bring Davin and Claire a gift in order to minimize the fighting :)

Here is Davin after his first soccer game on the Comets. He is a beast, and scored b/w 3-7 goals every game this season.
I had the cutest picture of Ethan with long time soccer buddy Logan on their new team, The Fireballs. Unfortunately, Claire deleted it off my camera. Ethan feels very blessed to be coached by coach Fab on the Fireballs. They had a great season (8-2), and he learned a lot!

Here is the fall TCOC softball team. We won some we lost some, but we had a blast being together! I was blessed to have my friend, Sarah, join out team this season!
Here is a random pic of Davin. He really did fall asleep on the stairs. He was that tired.
Micah driving Claire around in her pink Cadillac. They are so cute together. It is hard to believe they are old enough to be driving power wheels around already!

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