Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Charlie Brown ICE!

Paula was coming to clean the house today, so we needed to get the kids out of the house for a few hours. They deserved a fun outing since we spent yesterday taking down the Christmas decorations, picking up, and organizing rooms and toys. I thought it would be fun to take them to ICE! at the Gaylord Texan, and I was hoping it wouldn't be that busy on a weekday morning after Christmas......WRONG!
Claire was so excited to see all of the decorations and lights. Ethan and Davin loved the trains.

Davin and Claire did not enjoy waiting with the crowd for our turn.
Claire's parka was huge on her! She truly looked like the little kid from "The Christmas Story." She could not walk very well in it, and when she fell down she could not get up!

We had to wait about 15 minutes for one turn on the ice slide.

Doug tried to get pictures, but it was so crowded that he had to try to fight his way to Davin and Claire at the bottom of the kid slide.
Davin's bottom was cold after his turn.
The boys are in the dog house as usual!

Davin tore his parka off the second we got out of the tent. He did not like wearing it.
I think Claire enjoyed looking at the decorations where it was much warmer than 9 degrees! We took the kiddos to lunch at Ritzy's afterward for burgers. Claire ate fries with ketchup for the first time. Even though we were all freezing we all had ice cream for dessert, and the kids all fell asleep in the truck on the way home. It was a fun day, but next time we go visit ICE! I would like to try to go when it isn't so busy!

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