Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve

We had a very relaxing, low key Christmas Eve this year. Doug went to the store and got our favorite Christmas Eve snack foods including "dip, dip, crunch," the cheese ball with nuts on it, cheese sticks, battered mushrooms, and meatballs, etc. The kids think this is the most wonderful dinner ever! The boys and I spend most of the afternoon making our Christmas cookies.
My favorite ones to eat are the wedding cookies. They are not that hard to make, but it sure is messy!

After Davin squirted all the food coloring onto the kitchen tile, and we got that all cleaned up, I decided we would just ice the sugar cookies with some frosting I had in the pantry. It was strawberry, and it turned out pretty yummy! I think Davin has something against my tile. Earlier this month he drew a Christmas tree on my bathroom floor tile with a green sharpie that he found buried in the depths of our closet while admittedly trying to find the Christmas presents. I was late to work that day, but I got it off of everything but the grout.
Her are my boys in front of the tree before church. Claire was not taking pictures at that time.

I did manage to get her eventually, but she would not sit in front of the tree!
I kept her hat on her for a few seconds...

Bert was watching all of the festivities from the mantel.
We all said our good byes to Bert before going upstairs to get ready for bed because Santa was on his way, and Bert would join Santa when he heard his sleigh bells. Both of my boys balled like something catastrophic had happened because their Elf had to leave. I assured them he would return next year, but that did not seem to provide them with any immediate comfort. I wondered if they would notice Bert's absence once they saw what Santa had left for them.

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