Sunday, January 16, 2011

winter's first snow

Well, I'm behind once again, and I don't have any real excuse this time other than this cold, cloudy. dreary weather has just flat out made me feel lazy. Ashlea and Micah still came for a brief play session one day after school this week, and Ashlea brought this adorable little tutu that she made for Claire Boo. This little girl has had a big week this week. She has both pooped and peed in the potty multiple times all on her own will and volition. Will it last? Only time will tell!
Last Sunday brought our first snowfall of the winter, and the boys were so excited. I couldn't wait to get them out to play, and to see what Claire would think about the snow.
She was so funny when she would try to catch the snowflakes in her mouth and they would hit her in face and eyes. She would get so frustrated.

Davin rolled up this giant snowball all by himself. I thought it was pretty impressive.
Davin, Matthew, and Ethan built a snow couch!

You will notice that Claire is not smiling in many of the snow pictures. As a matter of fact she would cry and say, "uck, uck" whenever it was on her or if she fell in it.

Claire preferred be an observer of the snow play over being a participant. She did like eating it though.
Her boots were actually stuck in the snow in this picture.
She thought it was hilarious when her brothers would throw snowballs at the door.
Here is the finished snow man. He lasted for almost an entire week! He was a 2 sided snowman because he was sad that we where in the house.

The beginning of the snow couch.
Ethan's snow angel

Ready for a snowball fight.

The boys thought they needed to shovel the drive way so that we would be able to get my car out of the garage the next morning. It made them happy, and believe it or not I think it actually was helpful the next morning. I hope that we will get at least one more nice wet snow this winter!

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