Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Well checks, pizza, and beaches

Claire was already 2 months old yesterday! She is all smiles when she wakes up in the mornings now. Playing with her is so much fun!

We couldn't play in bed for too long. I scheduled all 3 kiddos well checks at the same time so we could get it over with. I am so glad that Daddy took off to help at the doctor's office.

Claire's growth is as follows.....weight: 11lbs (60%) height 22 1/2 in (50%)

I was curious to see how Claire's growth compared to her brothers so I dug out their 2 month paperwork. At 2 months Ethan weighed 12 lbs 13 oz (90%) and was also 22 1/2 in (50%). Davin was 11 lbs 8 oz (60 %) and was 23 3/4 in (90%) long.

Our triple well check took an hour and fifteen minutes so we decided to just go enjoy a nice lunch with the kiddos at Peter Piper Pizza. It wasn't going to be worth driving Ethan back to school b/c we wouldn't have time to get the little ones home for naps before we had to go back to pick him up.

They did more playing than eating!

Daddy had to carry Davin off when it was time to get ready to go, but Davin didn't seem to mind.

Claire snoozed the whole time.

I had to trap Davin so we could put his shoes on him.

Ethan giving me that look....

I almost forgot! Here is a little about Ethan at 7 years.

Ethan's growth is as follows....weight:53.2lbs (65%) height:46 3/4 in (25%)

*Ethan is in the 1st grade and his teacher is Mrs. Banister. He seems to really enjoy 1st grade. *His favorite things are still anything to do with emergency vehicles (including Careflight), and Nascar. His favorite driver is still Dale Jr. even though he stinks.
*He has become more picky than he used to be about his food. He suddenly doesn't like cheese on his burgers, etc.
*His favorite past time is still playing outside. He loves to ride his bike and "build stuff" in the empty lots around us.
*He enjoys watching the Disney channel and playing Wii, especially Mario kart.
*He is playing soccer on the Sharks, and is so excited that Mikey is now on his team. he is usually really on or major off. This fall season has been an off. He also enjoys playing baseball in the spring.
*He is very smart, and not much gets by him. He has an excellent sense of direction.
*His imagination still amazes us!
*He still has no fear, and his been on every ride at Six Flags he is tall enough to ride.
* He is wild about his sister, and reminds me nightly that he asked God for her.
*He loves his little brother, but their current "playing" is more like aggravating/fighting. They like to act like they are in a band together. Ethan is very protective of his brother, and gets very angry if someone else is mean to him!
*Ethan's mouth and sarcasm are a little more than Doug and I want to deal with sometimes, but we are working on it. He still throws fits which is ridiculous, but we are working on more appropriate ways for him to deal with his emotions.
*It is really hard for us to believe our once 6lb 10oz baby is a 53 lb 7 year old! We love you very much, and are proud that you are so caring, and make friends so easily. It is so much fun watching your personality grow.

Ethan giving a perfect example of attitude. He had just finished telling Doug and I how unfair it was that we had to leave.

Doug and I took the pool down while the kids were napping then relaxed on the couch for the remainder of the day. Here is Claire hanging out.

I think she is contemplating something.....

Chilling in the bouncy chair

Smiles for Daddy

Pics of Claire on the sweet quilt Barb Willcox made for her.

Last week we met Ms. Menking at Life's a Beach. Ethan and I both really miss seeing her. She is a great kindergarten teacher!

Kids + wet sand = a huge mess!!!!!

What a fun week!!!!!!

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