Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend fun/Pumpkin Patch

This photo was before the weekend fun began, but I thought it was really funny. Claire looks like such a big girl sitting in the recliner with Daddy. I think the matching red shirts make it even better!

Sunday morning we went to the Pumpkin Express which has become a yearly tradition for us. I snapped this pic of Claire in the parking lot. I guess Claire will be a fan of the pumpkin patch as well!
You will notice Davin has his Eddie doll with him. He is suddenly very attached to this doll. Of course his father is thrilled over his son's "doll" attachment. I think enjoys taking care of Eddie because I spend a lot of time tending to Claire. I hope?!?

Here comes the Pumpkin Express!!
All Aboard!

Ethan wanted to pull his little brother around.

Going into the spooky tunnel

Claire is going into the spooky tunnel!

Claire doesn't think it is very spooky!

We tried to get a good family pic, but it is not easy with 3 little ones!

My little pirates!

Lots of playing!!!

She is determined to suck her thumb, and I am determined to stop her!

Just hangin'

The hay maze

At the rate things are going, this is what I will look like before I will be able to retire :)

My little Pumpkins!!!

Claire had enough!!

Eric and Leia came to visit on Sunday evening. They will be welcoming their first child, Lucas Austin, in a couple of weeks. Judging by Claire's smile, I think Eric is going to be a natural!

Ethan and Leia

I included another October picture of Leia and Eric from a few years ago below. I wish I had a larger better pic, but it is still really cute!!

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