Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December play times

December has been a month of indoor play since winter seems to have arrived early with cold front after cold front. Santa sent an elf to our house on December 5th to make sure the Seale children were playing nicely. The boys named our Elf Bert. He hides all sorts of crazy places. Last night he decided to hide inside our wreath.

Ethan loves to hang out with Claire.

Look at what a big girl she is!! She loves to roll over and play on her tummy.

Claire loves "tummy time picture show." This toy was a favorite of all three of my babies. I am so glad that I kept it. I bought this toy shortly after Ethan was born, and haven't seen one in stores again since.

Her hair is so silly.

Daddy took Davin out on Saturday morning so Ethan and Michael could have "big boy" play time without a 2 year old getting in the middle of everything. Doug took Davin to Home Depot where they just happened to be doing a workshop. Davin was so proud of his wagon and his very own souvenir apron.

The only problem was big brother was a little upset that he missed out on this unexpected fun. Doug has promised he will take them both to the January workshop to build a calendar.

The boys enjoyed going to the Christmas parade with their Grandpa so much that they decided to make a parade of their own. The parade went all the way from the game room, down the stairs, down the hall, in the living room, and around the coffee table.

The parade is on its way back towards the stairs. I never knew they had 37 vehicles, but they really do play with all of them. Davin is pantless, which is not unusual right now ")

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