Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sweet summer time

Summer time is here at last!!!!! Yay!!!! I love getting to spend some quality time doing fun things with my kiddos. I have kept our schedules this summer very low key. I think we all need a little breather.

We got out of school on a Thursday, and the next day the boys headed to Oklahoma in Grandma and Grandpa's new camper for a little 2 night camping trip to test the camper out. they've never had a camper before. Doug, Claire, and I met everyone on Saturday. We wanted to see how Claire would do with 1 night before we tried anything else. There was a pool and a pond at the RV sight. We all went swimming, and the boys went and fished. Ethan caught 2 fish and Davin caught 1. The boys also enjoyed grilling steaks and making smores with their Grandpa after dark. I discovered I much prefer "camping" with a shower, toilet, kitchen, AC, and satellite TV. Not to mention my "own room."

Sunday morning we feed the birds bread while Grandpa and Grandma were getting the camper ready to go.
Ethan was scared of them!
Claire thought they were funny!

Davin was also a little scared.

the falls

Monday morning, Claire woke up running a fever. I took her to the doc because she had been congested for a few days, and my suspicions that she had an ear infection were correct. The doc put her on antibiotics, and I thought we would be good in no time. Not the case!! She refused to be put down, she didn't want to do anything but sleep (but she had to be held), and she refused to eat solids. On Wednesday we went back to the doc with a fever of 104.1. Turns out she had developed a sinus infection the required stronger antibiotics. the strong stuff has worked, but it sure has been hard on her little behind. Poor sweet girl.

Doug's brother and his family from El Paso arrived at 4 a.m. on Thursday morning. Somehow they still had the energy to go to Grapevine Mills that day. We also celebrated Tiffany's 17th birthday at Babe's that evening followed by cake and ice cream at the house. Everyone except Claire and I went to Six Flags on Friday! Daddy hung out at the house on Saturday with Davin and Claire while everyone else went to Hurricane Harbor, and Cindy and I went to Wicked, which was absolutely amazing!!!

We all had father's day breakfast together at Poppy's Place before their long drive back home. We all had a great time! I am glad they were able to come visit!

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