Saturday, August 17, 2013

Water fun and Six Flags

 We had so much fun in Turner Falls, Oklahoma.
 I am so glad Steph was still with us for this little day trip
 These slides were awesome!!!!
 It was such a blessing to spend time with our sweet Sherri.
 We also spent time at NRh2o and Denton Water Works.
We went to Six Flags twice this summer for free! Can't beat that!!!
The first time was with out cousins when they brought Ethan home.
 The second time was with Carmen and crew, and it was 105 that day. Ethan is tall enough to ride everything. There are only a few large things Davin can't ride, but he can ride everything else. 
Claire LOVED it.
The only time she got upset was when she was too small! 
We are even thinking about getting them season passes for Christmas!

 Miguel was brave and rode the Superman!
Good times!

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